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The community of music themes
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Hello, you've stumbled upon a community where a theme is posted up every week and each member posts a song that goes along with the theme,or they make an entire soundtrack based on the themes. The point of the community is to relate to different songs and different genres of music.

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aipoe [userpic]
Lyric Tagging [1]

Alright since this comm is zombie-like, now we will be lyric tagging. Now I just made this up but what happens is I'll give you a line from a song, then whether it goes along with it or even if its completely random, you will tag a lyric line one after the other. Then we will see if we got a hit song, a moody poem, or a prose that has no plot.

You can tag more than one lyric, but make sure you state if its from a different song.


[And in their eyes I was alive,
A fool's disguise]
song: Hummer
Artist:Smashing Pumpkins
Genre: Alternative-rock

Current Mood: chipperchipper