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benzaiten_sound's Journal

The community of music themes
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The community of music themes


Welcome to Benzaiten_sound, I'm your mod and creator: Aipoe. I made this community because I really enjoy fanmixes and soundtracks. Benzaiten_sound is a community where a theme is posted up every two weeks and each member posts a song that goes along with the theme,or they make an entire soundtrack based on the themes. The point of the community is to relate to different songs and different genres of music.


  • Be Kind Now this should be simple and easy, but ive seen communities where this isn't true. If you don't like a theme/song/user/soundtrack then just ignore and keep your comments to yourself. Everyone has their own sound.
  • Check the submitions If someone posted the song you plan on posting..Just find another one. It would be kind of strange if the theme of the week had ten submitions that were the same song. Now, if you've made a soundtrack that happens to have a song already posted, then don't worry it's ok ^^.
  • Downloads Your alowed to post a link to download a song or soundtrack. However, this is up to the person submitting. DO NOT, go begging for a song/soundtrack. Also make sure that if you do download something you delete it in 24hrs. And please support the artists.
  • Themes Every song could be interpreted a different way, but if the song you posted doesn't even come close to the theme, than it will be deleted. I also expect to see that if the song is from another language: (Japanese,spanish,Korean, Ect.) that you have a link to the lyrics. And please don't post the lyrics in your submition! It gets long and annoying.
  • Warnings/Ratings If the song is explicit please say so. And this applies to any language. (you should know what is adult content, if you don't, don't bother posting it)
  • Images I work hard to make the theme banners, so don't steal and claim as your own. If you want a userpic or banner/header request one at my journal or my email.
  • Contests This community isn't a competition for best song. Yet, I will sometimes have the best soundtrack challenge. The theme for this will be more specific and seperate from the weeks themes. Every member may vote for their favorite, but not for their own. This will start when the community has about 20 members. The winners get:(A header/banner made by me and five requests for icons)
  • Violations You will be given three warnings only for the rules above. Violate them and you will be exiled from the community. And if something isn't your fault, send me a message or an email explaining the situation.

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